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Start the road trip to Hell with the first book in the Malediction Series.

The Priestess

Loyalty is a fickle thing, but I’ve found mine in two men.

Nothing about them is the same, yet the similarities that only I can see, are enough to draw me to them. I want to protect one and destroy the other, but what happens when their true intentions are brought to light?

They see me as someone to worship—or so I thought.

Danger is on the horizon and I’ll face it head on because that’s just the kind of gal I am.

The Devil

Feelings are boring and emotions are useless, yet the one thing I want in this world seems to keep eluding me.

A beautiful evil carefully disguised as someone who knows how to pull my strings and can stop me before it’s too late. For her? For me? For her friend? I don’t know.

I see her for what she really is and she won’t be able to keep slipping out of reach.


Because eventually, even the devil gets his due.

The Burden

Life isn’t something that’s been easy for me, yet her presence alone makes it all seem worth it.

I never expected to feel what I do for someone who I know should be out of reach, but it’s not just her anymore. It’s him too, and he knows it.

They both do.

They play me against each other. One testing my loyalty, the other testing my ability to feel, and I let them.

I can’t live without one, but I know that I won’t be able to survive if I cross the other.

Times are going to become more difficult and even though I know what side I should choose, I’m afraid that when faced with the choice, I’ll lead with my heart and not with my head.

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