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Are you ready to meet Finley Bradshaw? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Coerced: A Dubcon Anthology

๐•ฑ๐–Š๐–†๐–™. ๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š ๐•ฏ๐–Š๐–›๐–Ž๐–‘'๐–˜ ๐•ธ๐–Š๐–‘๐–†๐–“๐–ˆ๐–๐–”๐–‘๐–ž ๐–‡๐–ž ๐–„๐–”๐–‘๐–†๐–“๐–‰๐–† ๐•บ๐–‘๐–˜๐–”๐–“

ส™แด‡ษข ๊œฐแดส€ ษชแด›

The strangest obsessions start with an idea.

One thatโ€™s festered for longer than it should have.

The kind that sat quietly and grew inside of me waiting for this very moment.

I never realized how badly I had wanted this to happen until she walked through the door of my establishment.

The woman that used to torment me daily after school, and even got me locked up for a summer.

And it seems sheโ€™s brought the perfect piece to use against her.

To finally glean the obsessive revenge of the teenage boy that never had the opportunity to do so.

I shouldnโ€™t feel as good about this as I do, but it seems that the payback I used to dream about is finally mine for the taking.


Coerced is an extremely limited dubcon anthology of addictive stories from a collection of USA Today and bestselling authors.

All proceeds will go to The Joyful Heart Foundation, whoโ€™s mission is a world free of sexual assualt, domestic violence, and child abuse. You can read more about what they do here:

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