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She always believed that I deserved better.

That she was never enough for me or all that I would ever need.

Granted, I had made my share of mistakes but my love for her only strengthened in those moments.

The way she looked at me after each and every betrayal …

I never wanted to see that heartbreak in her eyes again.

So I became a better man.

Not the one I thought I had to be, but the one that she deserved.

She looks at me differently lately.

The madness that once shown in her eyes seems to have dimmed, but I know her heart more than I know my own.

She’s hungry for something I can’t give her. Something that she thinks will make her normal.

But I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and I knew that I’d do my best to keep her just the way she is.

Even if she hated me for it in the end.

Violent Things

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