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Get ready for a dark and dirty as hell anthology!


💚 Pre-order Link:

💚 Blurb:

The troop is all grown up, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped using the badges they earned.

Follow the irresistible men of the River Scouts as they journey through the twisted path that fate has set them on.

Each River Scout has a story to tell.

A truth they can’t hide.

But will they come out unscathed?

There’s only one way to find out...

SCOUTS is a limited time forbidden romance anthology containing new stories from a collection of your favorite authors.


by Yolanda Olson

by Abigail Davies

by Penelope Douglas

by Natasha Preston

By Jennifer Bene

by Vicki James

by Samantha Towle

by Cole Denton

by Ally Vance

By J. M. Walker

By Emery LeeAnn

By Measha Stone

By Kamisa Cole

By Claire C. Riley

By Ember Michaels

By Ellie Meadows

By Shane Starrett

By Andi Jaxson

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